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Which Flashcart Can Play NDS Games On 3DS ?   984 views

Which Flashcart Can Play NDS Games On 3DS ?

The original question asked by one of our customers was ” How do I know if a flashcart can play NDS games on a 3DS ? ”  Well, in fact, there are so many flashcart,such as dstwo,r4isdhc rts 3ds,r4i gold rts 3ds, Ace3DS Plus and so on can play nds games on 3DS.

If what you just need play nds games,then i recommend wood r4i gold 3ds , after all,this is the most popular card in the market. It use wood firmware ( maybe as you knew,a good kernel firmware is key of a flashcart ),with a quicker updating and friendly GUI. You can use r4i gold rts 3ds card to play latest nds games,such as pokenmon games, kirby and so on.

Following is a guide on how to play nds games on 3ds : the latest firmware v1.57 from and unzip it,open the folder and you will get following files :

r4 wood contents

2. put these files into your micro sd card,and download some nds games,unzip them and put some game roms in the sd card,  you can create some new folders in the sd card and then put the game roms in different folders as you want.

3.Insert the r4i gold 3ds with sd card into your 3DS consoles, turn on and play.

All the  r4i gold rts 3ds flashcard we send out is always preflashed and can work on the latest DSi and 3DS firmware, you don’t need to update it, you can buy preflashed card from here : buy r4 i gold rts 3ds

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